Challenging Everything

"Challenging Everything is a daily podcast with truth seeker Alan Kay who's on a independent mission to challenge everything he's been taught, told and personally learning. Subscribe today to hear his daily, developing story."

I keep a journal.

I believe deciding to keep a journal has been the best decision I've made.

I used to want to change the world. But, I think that's quite an illusive goal.

I feel changing ourselves is more attainable; going inside to work on "change".

I started journalling in 2012 and have been consistently doing so since.

At various intervals, I felt I reached certain breakthroughs.

I'd often share my latest breakthrough with friends in audio messages.

What took me hours, they could grasp in just a few minutes.

In 2016 messaging the same message to multiple friends became troublesome. #1stworldproblems

As 2017 approached, with the hope of the new year on the horizon, I thought:

I want to do a podcast. I want to share publicly what I've been challenging privately. And I want it to be a challenge. So it has to be daily not monthly or weekly. And I want to make a public declaration to keep me accountable...

...Which I did on the last day of 2016 via a Facebook post.

A day later I recorded and published my first ghetto podcast.

Every day since, I've published a new episode sharing what I've uncovered.

If you subscribe today, you can hear my daily, developing story.

And be the first to know if I break my 2017 resolution :)

The Weekly Schedule

In each new daily episode I share a new distinction according to the particular theme on that specific day:

"Mindset Monday"

An evolving conversation focused on how to change our thinking so winning at life becomes inevitable.

"Productive Tuesday"

An ongoing investigation uncovering the keys to unlocking the secrets of fulfilling human potential.

"Idea Wednesday"

Paradigm shattering ideas forever changing how you see the world.

"Concept Thursday"

Challenging ideas distilled so they're simple and easy to digest.

"Philosophical Friday"

A scrutiny of the foundations of knowledge reality and existence.

"Surprise Saturday"

When anything and everything is up for discussion.

"Conspiracy Sunday"

An expose of the deeper truths behind the nature of reality.

Challenging Everything - A Daily Podcast For Growth Mindset Oriented People

Consume anywhere. Break free from the limitations of books or computer learning. Eavesdrop on my latest lessons on the go. While commuting. While working. During spare moments. Whenever and wherever! You just need your sexy smartphone :)

Optimize Your Mindset. You'll get a continual stream of tools, ideas and distinctions to tweak your mindset so you can increase the odds of you winning the battles you face day to day in your life as well and the hacks to strengthen your mental toughness.

Exposure to unorthodox ideas. Open your mind to a different perspective on reality unavailable from mainstream sources. Who knows, maybe just maybe you'll hear a satisfying answer definitively explaining why the pyramids were built?

Overcome Challenges. Assistance to overcome the sort of challenges you've been enduring repeatedly. Insight to quash negative patterns as well as leading you towards new breakthroughs of your own.

Be Better Prepared, Psychologically For Future Conflict. Avoid future conflicts by taking and running with the lessons from my past conflicts without experiencing my drama for yourself that I've endured.

Accelerate The Expansion Of Your Consciousness. As you expand your consciousness, listening to someone else working aggressively to expand theirs, can only help you on your consciousness journey.